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The Origin, between History and Legend

Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and is the official state cat of Maine.

There are a lot of legends that lurk around the origin of this breed.

The most romantic, but biologically impossible, is that one which describes the coupling between a raccoon and a wild cat, the legend was inspired by some similarities between the two species in fact, the raccoon tail resembles the tail of the Maine Coon and sometimes, this cute cat, sits down and uses his front paws to eat just like a raccoons. Another popular story tells of the intersection of the cats of Marie Antoinette sent to America and semi-feral cats natives.

Many breeders today claim that the Maine Coon cats was born from the encounter between American domestic short-haired Angora breed cats and introduced in New England or longhaired cats brought by the Vikings.

The first exhibition in which it appears is a Maine coon in Boston in 1861. In 1895 in New York a brown tabby Maine Coon cat, named "Cosie", won the title of Best Cat.

Character and behavior of Maine Coon

Although Maine Coon is a cat who loves being with people, it is not an animal that haunts the man with constant demands for attention.

He sits on the couch next to you and follows you when you change the room, if you inadvertently close it out the door when you open it you will find it still there waiting for you.

The Maine Coon become your playmate and probably "your child".

Despite the massive Maine Coon has a calm and relaxed character, extremely balanced and so well adapted to living with small children. The male is more playful behavior, while the females retain more suited to women.

Due to its reputation as a skilled hunter, was "recruited" by the early English ships on the 900 to keep them free from mice ........ and you think, it took only one on board!

Generally this cat get on very well, as mentioned, with the children but also with other animals, including dogs.

Characteristics of Maine Coon

All of Maine Coon has evolved to resist colder climates and harsh. His thick, shiny coat is also waterproof as in no other breed in the world. The fur looks longer on the ruff and belly to protect it from moisture and snow, and shorter on the back and neck to avoid getting stuck in the bush. When the cat is asleep, rolled up around his long, bushy tail that ensures the right temperature even in extreme conditions.

The ears are covered with hair both inside and outside, always protect himself, and have tufts of hair on top just like the ears of the lynx. The prominent muzzle serves easier to drink from streams and puddles.

Although this thick fur, all you need is to brush a Maine Coon once a weekl.

The growth of the Maine Coon is slower than other breeds. These cats reach their maximum size around 4-5 years.

The Maine Coon is a big playful into old age.

These cats communicate with a series of trills reminiscent of those characteristic of some creatures that populating the woods. Rarely meow, and when they do their voice is thin and kind you do not expect to come from a cat so big.

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