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Blue Forest Violetta

Date of birth: 29/04/2013

Color and group: Blue Tabby Classic Mco a22

Test HCM:

Blue Forest Amélie

Date of birth: 19/01/2015

Color and group: Tortie - Gruppo 5

HCM test: Genotype N/N


Allevamento amatoriale Gatti Maine Coon riconosciuto ANFI-FIFè - Maine Coon Cattery registered ANFI FIFè

+39 3333568545


Blue Forest's females

Blue Forest Precious Diamond

Date of birth: 2009/21/05

Color & Group: Bianco - Mco 9

Genitori testati - Parents tested

HCM: Genotype N/N

I* Iuxtafontem Primastella

Date of birth: 4/08/2009

Color & Group: Red Silver Tabby Tigrè Mco ds23

Genitori testati - Parents tested

Test HCM: Genotype N/N

Blue Forest Sparkling Jewels

Date of birth: 2011/07/02

Color & Group: MCO n 23 09

Brown Tabby with white

HCM test:


Blue Forest Tiche

Date of birth: 20/09/2012

Color & Group: Red Tabby Mco d22 - Mco 6

Parents tested

HCM: Genotype N/N

Blue Forest Wonderful

Date of birth: 20/04/2014

Color & Group: Black Mco n - Mco 1

Parents tested

HCM: Genotype N/N

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