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Allevamento amatoriale Gatti Maine Coon riconosciuto ANFI-FIFè - Maine Coon Cattery registered ANFI FIFè

+39 3333568545


skype: vale_blueforest

The Meeting

Since I was a little child I was enchanted to see the illustration of "Chisa, the cat bewitched" to "The book of beasts haunted" that Santa Claus had made me find under the Christmas tree.

In my heart I hoped that somewhere in the world lived a cat so beautiful, great and sweet. It 'was so amazing to discover Maine Coons and suddenly my little girl's dreams were materialized and they were there, in front of me, in all their magnificent beauty.

That's why I thought after so much waiting for this wonderful cat this must to become part of my life. I did not wait in vain, Chisa the cat really exists.

The important thing is to never stop dreaming because sometimes, as in fairy tales, dreams come true.



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